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Available on iOS, Android, and Chrome extension
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Instantly find guitar tabs and piano sheet music for songs on YouTube and Spotify
Chrome Extension ChordsGate
  • Guitar Tuner

    High accurate guitar tuner works effectively in noisy environments, ideal for ukulele, and bass.
    Guitar Tuner
  • Smart Metronome

    Practice your rhythm, complete with time signatures, subdivisions, and patterns.
    Smart Metronome
  • Interactive Player

    Enjoy a free interactive Guitar Pro player to make your learning experience more fun.
    Guitar Pro Player
  • Explore Library

    Discover high quality music notes created exclusively on PaidTabs.
    Explore guitar tabs
  • Music Transcription Service

    Turn any song into sheet music or guitar tabs with custom note-for-note transcriptions.
    music transcription service
  • Sell Your Scores

    Over 6k musicians are already creating and selling accurate music scores using PaidTabs.
    Sell your guitar tabs
  • Fresh Insights

    Get fresh insights on sales, top audience countries, top-performing scores, and more.
  • Stay Notified

    Get notifications about your sold scores, request delivery progress, and more.
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Download the PaidTabs app

Scan the code with your smart phone camera

Available on iOS, Android, and Chrome extension