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PaidTabs FAQs

  • What is PaidTabs?

    PaidTabs was launched in mid-2020 in Sweden, under the company Tabbit AB (Org nr. 5592582547), as the first freelancing platform and marketplace dedicated to musicians looking to request, buy, and sell sheet music. We prioritize high-quality content and select only experienced musicians to join our platform. PaidTabs' mission is to provide musicians with the freedom, resources, and opportunities they need to manifest their creative vision and share it with the world.

  • Does PaidTabs pay royalties for content that has already been sold?

    Yes, as a copyright holder, you have the right to receive royalties for content that has already been sold on our platform. Furthermore, if you wish to receive payments for future sales, simply create an account and contact us to change your account type. We're committed to ensuring that you are fairly compensated for your creative work.

  • Can I establish a copyright contract with PaidTabs?

    Yes, you can establish a copyright contract with PaidTabs. This agreement will outline the terms and conditions regarding the use and distribution of your copyrighted content on our platform.

  • Does PaidTabs have a system to pay royalties to copyright holders?

    Absolutely! PaidTabs has a robust system in place to ensure that copyright holders receive royalties for their content. Our platform is designed to track usage and distribute payments accordingly.

  • How can I get started as a copyright holder on PaidTabs?

    To begin, create an account as a seller. Afterward, please contact us protect and move your scores to your account. Having an account will enable you to manage and monetize your content effectively.

  • What should I do if I want my content removed from PaidTabs?

    We take copyright matters very seriously. If you wish to have your content removed from PaidTabs, please submit a request to us. Our legal team will review your request and take appropriate action in compliance with copyright laws.